Poseidon's Throne- OC Picture

Poseidon's Throne, colored in Open Canvas.

Not too bad for my first time using the program. there's still some lil twitchy bits i'm not too happy with, but overall i think it turned out okay.

He's a Flow element, that's why he and Flightmaster Ghryen have the same head-wings hairstyle. Ghryen is a Flow-of-the-Wind element, and Poseidon is a Flow-of-the-Water element.

Poseidon, Aries/Areis and Ghryen are both from a comic series i've been working on for a couple years, but haven't had professionally published yet. I did a limited self-run of a preview at a Convention a few years back, but i didn't have a booth so it didn't sell well. I'm still writing it though, and hope to someday get it pro-published.

He IS however COPYRIGHTED to ME and i will spank yo ass with a legal sledgehammer if you even THINK of stealing him and claiming him as your own work!!!
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