The Bone Flower Picture

She is spring and sunbeams. Laughter and innocence.
He is...all that the dark holds. Even his shadow cannot touch her.
Yet he cannot let her go.
He's heard her singing to the birds, seen her tender touch rest upon the flowers. He wants her to sing for him. To feel her sweet caress. But most of all, he wants to see the sunlight in her smile.
He cannot give her anything worthy of that smile.
He cannot create.
It has always been his lot to take, never to give.
But for her, he will try.
Will she scorn his feeble efforts, swallow distaste, turn away?
Will she even look up from her weeping long enough to see?
Will she smile, just once, for him?

Hades and Persephone
My favorite of all the classical myths. I think there's something vulnerable and beautiful in both of them...
And, as I've been told, I hold a certain fascination for terrible beauty.
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