Kamen Rider Neptune Picture

My first try at drawing a kamen rider Yes i know it sucks but its the concept and idea that counts, i would appreciate if a more talented artist could improve on it.

Rider Bio:
James Grant, an american born son of Archaeologist Alexander Grant, and Mythology/oceanography professor Maria Grant, Recieves a Package during his stay in Tokyo for overseas study. His father sent him a gift, It was an ancient looking belt buckle that looked like crusted roman gates. He found a note explaining what it is and that James must keep it safe. He must never leave it unguarded. So he takes it everywhere with him. One day however as he saw on the new Strange fish people had risen from the ocean. Suddenly He heard a knock on his door, He saw that it was one of the fish people, Screaming he stumbled back but before he could try anything, the fish man told him he was called Ti'Ani. and that he was an atlantean. He informed James that he didnt mean JAmes any harm. He explained that a corrupt noble had taken over atlantis and has sent his troops to find the buckle which is called the Deep Driver, however he explained it could only used by the first king of atlantis, the god king, neptune's bloodline. Suddenly the atlantean troops reached the dorms, so Ti'Ani took James and the driver and got them both out of there. James asked why not give it to him if he couldnt use it. Ti'Ani explained that said noble would use its authority to win over thoose that doubted him and to attack the world.
So, JAmes agreed to keep it out of his hands. He asked Ti'ani what they should do but before they could come up with a plan, the Atlantean troops caught them, as they dragged Ti'Ani away, JAmes did something rash,He put the driver on his waist. It shone brightly and became solid gold. He yelled what he was supposed to do next and Ti'Ani yelled for him to pull its sides. When he did so he uttered HENSHIN!!. As he did the gate doors pulled to the sides to reveal a prism of blue gem shining. suddenly a torrent of water surged around him hardening into armor.
The troops muttered Neptune and James said " Thats right, Neptune. The names Kamen Rider Neptune! Master of the sea!."
The troops guards yelled for them to charge him for the nobles glory. James surged and move as well as striking and defending like the sea itself, ebbing and flowing from attack and defense. striking like harsh waves of a typhoon, always flowing. when he faced the leader he saw it remove its cape to reveal a crab like monster. He, on instinct closed and opened the driver and proclaimed Aqua Fall Rush! He jumped high into the air gathering the moisture in the atmosphere around his legs and brought one down in a swift axe kick. After the beast collapsed into seafoam he rushed Ti'Ani back to the dorms and undid the transformation by closing the driver. he set the driver on his night stand as Ti'Ani chattered away about him being the rightful heir to the throne. However James said he would free Atlantis after he graduated in a year. Ti'ani then said that he wouldnt leave his side. thus began the adventures of kamen rider neptune.
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