Caecelia and Baozi Picture

These are two of my OC's, Caecelia and Wu Baozi. They are both members of the Sun Pirates and former soldiers of the Royal Army. Here are their bios:

Caecelia (left)
Age: 26 (Physically), 51 (actual)
Species: Flying Squid Fishwoman
Affiliation(s): Sun Pirates, Neptune Army
Height: 6'7"
Position: Mechanic
Choice of weapon: Chainsaw
Personality: Grouchy, has a love of machines and weapons, on a love-hate relationship with Fisher Tiger, likes children, gets really mad if something she made is broken.
Relationship(s): ex-wife of Fisher Tiger, good friends with Jinbe and Seid (will be introduced).
Caecelia grew up in the Fishman District and was a part of the same group as Fisher Tiger. They fell in love and would later get married. She developed her love of machines when she first started fixing rifles and pistols that were out of commision. She joined the Royal Army when she was 24 and was assigned to the same unit as Jinbe and Seid. When the Great Age of Pirates began, she lost her only son in a Pirate attack and, to prevent anymore damage in their relationship, called a divorce. However, until the day Tiger died, they still remained close. When the Sun Pirates disbanded, Caecelia remained close to Jinbe's faction and became a soldier again. When she met the Strawhat Pirates, she was apparently in awe of the Thousand Sunny and wanted to disassemble it, much to Franky's disagreement.

Wu Baozi (right)
Age: 19 (Physically), 43 (actual)
Species: Sand Shark fishman
Affiliation(s): Sun Pirates, Neptune Army
Height: 6'4" (without the claws), 9'9" (with claws)
Position: Fighter
Choice of weapon: Claws
Personality: Sometimes Pessimistic, kind-hearted, loyal, calm, tends to panic when he sees something very shocking (like Shirahoshi out of Koukaku Tower)
Relationship(s): partners-in-crime with Ishiki (will be introduced), younger brother of Wu Khan (will be introduced), good friend of Caecelia's
Wu Baozi grew up in a different part of the Fishman District; he was apart of a group of Fishmen and Merfolk known as the Wu clan, a rival group of Caecelia, Tiger, Jinbe, Arlong, and Macro's that plotted to take over the District with the Five Celestial Beings (related to Chinese mythology). However, Boss Kyo (the boss before Fisher Tiger) stole four of the beings and passed them on to four of his greatest students (Tiger and Jinbe were two of them, I don't want to bring up the other two until I draw the third one); this caused the Wu clan to be disbanded and Baozi later became a prodigy of the Royal Army with his older brother. When the Great Age of Pirates began, he was captured and sold as a slave to the Tenryuubito, suffering the most trauma as he was used as a guinea pig and became a living weapon. He was set free after Tiger rampaged throughout Mariejois, but was in a comatose state until 4 years later, when he woke up in a blinding rage. Jinbe, Tiger, Caecelia, and Seid managed to calm him down and calmly told him that his brother died 9 years ago. Baozi loyally serves the Pirates and later the Royal Army when he returns to Fishman Island. It turns out that 30 years ago, Boss Kyo was captured by the Wu clan for going into enemy territory and tortured. As a child, Baozi freed Boss Kyo and secretly turned on the Wu clan since he did not believe in their rights. During present time, Baozi is able to see his brother again, but is nearly killed by him for betraying the clan he was born in. Ishiki saves him from getting killed, but gets captured for butting in to save a friend. Baozi felt guilty for this, but once she was freed, Baozi was happy and relieved to see Ishiki alive. When Ikkyo and Ishiki leave Fishman Island with the strawhat crew, Baozi and the rest of the citizens of Fishman Island see the twins and the pirate crew off.

So, do you guys have anything to say?

Caecelia: Yep, there is nothing I can't fix...except for Baozi's thick skull.

Baozi: What's that supposed to mean?!

Caecelia: Hey, I'm always the one fixing your arm attachments and telling you not to break them, yet you do! If you keep breaking them, I'm not going to fix them anymore!

Baozi: But these things are literally attached to me! I need these to survive!

Caecelia: Then that's your problem. Just be glad Aladdin and I were able to cut off your leg attachments without killing you. If it weren't for us, you would've been walking on those sorry excuses for stilts for the rest of your life!

Baozi: You wanna fight?! Then, Bring it on, Sister!!

Caecelia: Oh, trust me, Scarface! It's on!


Well, those two are fighting...again. Please comment.

Will work on more of my OC's.

One Piece belongs to (c) Eiichiro Oda
Caecelia and Baozi belong to (c) me
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