Celestial Spirit, Andromeda Picture

This is the Gate of the Chained Princess, Andromeda. According to mythology, Andromeda's mother, Cassiopeia, bragged to the god of Neptune, Posiden, about her beauty. As punishment, he chained ANdromeda to the edge of a cliff to be food for the sea monster/whale constellation, Cetus. She was later saved by the hearo constellation, Perseus.

Information of Character
Name: Andromeda
Nickname: The Chained Princess
Gender: Female
Species: Celestial Spirit

About Him/Her
Personality: A rather proper lady and tries her best not to fight
Good Habits: Very good etiquette
Bad Habits: Bad with combat
Strengths in battle: Looks and manners
Weaknesses in battle: Can't fight very well.
Likes: Tea, manners, and appearance
Dislikes: Boys, water (Hence Posiden), and bad manners
Hobbies: Playing the Harp

Magic Information
Type of magic (caster/holder): Holder
If holder (what type Ie: keys, ring magic, guns magic, etc..): Music Magic (Uses harp to create magic notes to control opponents)


Best Friends: Phoenix, Virgo, and Aries
Friends: Other girl spirits. (Minusing Aquarius)
Rivals: Aquarius, Capricorn, Pisces
Crush: Loke

Looks and Appearance
Body Type/Looks: Long wavy light brown hair, white flats, and a white robe
Blood Type:
Hair Style: Long, wavy, light brown, and let loose
Outfits: Short white dress, swimsuit
Accessories/Jewelry: pink lipstick
Scars/Piercings/Tattoos: None
Appearance (picture or not): Picture

Favorite Season: Spring
Favorite Time of Day: Night
Favorite Color: White

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