OW: AST-104: Orion and the Zodiacs Picture

Orion had leaned back in his chair with the widest of grins as his professor declared the first class assignment. He had originally been quite anxious, because he wasn't really one for research, but Western Zodiacs was his specialty. Given that he and his mother were astral mages, Orion was very well-educated not only in the names and order of the zodiacs, but also their history, the lore behind them, the names and configurations of the stars that made up their constellations, and how the planets affected people of each zodiac. Further, he knew much more about other constellations such as Bottes, Canis or Hercules, but that was besides the point. He knew immediately that he would have his work done in no time.

"Because I was born on the fifth of March, I am considered a Pisces," Orion explained, hanging up two sheets of paper. Both were quite rough for wear, and one had a terrible scorch mark on one side that threatened to reduce the whole page to ashes with the slightest incorrect touch. The other, a scroll, had two smooth ropes tied together to hang with, and so he did his best to perch the scroll on a nail in the wall. He resorted to tape for the other. Orion pointed to the two fish depicted on the burnt page, circling the tails with his index finger. "Although lore is typically never concrete, much of it suggests that two fish were involved in the rescue of Aphrodite and Eros from a large typhoon. Their tails are drawn tied together in many mythological pieces so that they don't lose each other." For a brief moment, Orion closed his eyes and allowed a cocky smile, one he knew his professor would probably despise. "Pisces are known to be water signs ruled by Neptune, and are compassionate, intuitive, and creative."

The student then turned to the scroll.

This information had been a little trickier to find. Orion, although he had been taught extensively about the Western zodiacs, knew very little about Chinese and Eastern culture, even less so about their calendars. He had spent at least an hour reading up on how the zodiacs worked, desperate for understanding if nothing more than to do well in the course (although not knowing in the first place had him a little miffed). Finding the scroll had been another challenge entirely.

"The month and year I was born are found under the year of the rabbit," said Orion. "Rabbits are considered by the Chinese calendar to be polite, sincere and determined..." His eyes glanced away, not sure if what the zodiac symbolized accurately fit with his personality. He quickly pressed forward. "And apparently each animal in the zodiac has lucky numbers, flowers, colours, months, directions... they seem pretty hung up on luck."

Word Count: 469

So this was my AST104 Assignment for Orion! I am so glad the drawing is done omg it was painful at times, and I'm still really rusty... I DIDN'T DO MOON vs SUN SIGNS BC I don't understand how it works >w< whoops

Orion (c) Me!
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