Salacia - Anemoi System Picture

position: 2nd (second)
equatorial diameter: 14,817 km/ 9,207 mi.
length of day: 30.4 Hours
length of year: 326 Earth Days
type: terrestrial planet
population: 1.8 Million
capital: hydropolis
inhabitant species: humans, asari, hanar, turians
average surface temperature: 23°C/ 73°F
gravity: 12.06 m/s²
distance from star: 0.89 au
natural satellites: 3
status: habitable
colony founded: 2173
star system/cluster: Anemoi/ Antheon Plain
The planet Salacia in roman mythology is named after Neptune’s wife or Queen of the sea. Though the planet is identified as a garden world amongst the galactic community, the presence of usable open land is scarce on this vastly oceanic world. Original evaluations of the planet’s surface had shown that at least 96% of the planet is covered in ocean, while the remaining 4% are the indicated presence of scattered islands across the Salacian surface. Its distance from Anemoi has made the planet’s poles significantly warmer, thus its polar regions take the form of liquid seas rather than being frozen over due to low temperatures. Though mostly water covers its surface, its very ideal for colonization.

The planet was originally settled over 2 years after human colonists began to establish colonies on Ferust in the neighboring star system, Arrae Sigma (containing the Antheon Plain star cluster’s Mass Relay, which is the cluster’s only connection to the wider galaxy). Compared to Ferust’s heavy immigration, during its first five years of colonization, only about 40,000-90,000 colonists moved to Salacia’s tropical islands. Though despite the still lacking availability of land on Salacia, after the exploitation of its idyllic tropical setting, Salacia encouraged more people to immigrate and expand its human population as well as also attracting other galactic races, mostly asari, hanar and turians. Most of its inhabitants live on its various island groups, while others live on aritifical platform colonies that often sit isolated in the middle of its endless oceans. Air & space transport are used heavily as to overcome the vast distances between colonies separated by ocean.

Salacia’s global economy is highly dependent on its tourism sector; With hardly any presence of mineable metals and valuable resources, Salacia has little to offer to the galaxy. But though the planet itself has little to offer, by no means is Salacia’s economy insignificant. Salacia has a rather modest economy, mostly based on its mining operations on Anemoi’s other planetary systems, one of which; Boreas has a modest amount of valuable eezo.

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