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Name Oceanic Aoös. /`ah-ous/
Nicknames: Vjosë¹, Poseidon, Nick², Atlantic³, Necktie, Neptune.
¹ addressed by his grandparents.
² addressed by Rui.
³ addressed by Parris.
Sex Male.
Gender: Male.
Age Unknown. (appears 25)
DOB Unknown.
Height 6'0".
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual. (currently confused)
Status Single.
Species God.
Abilities Main Ability: To manipulate water, storms, and lightning, able to create strong waves and violent storms to bring the rage of the ocean.
Occupation King/God of the Sea, Earthquakes, and Horses.
Anime Version (normal hair color)
Father Nolan Agust Aoös — appears mid 50s, elite lawyer, currently on a business trip in Moscow, Russia.
→ He spends all his time working and neglecting his sons. He took over his father's company after retirement and plans for his sons to take over after him. As a man of his status, people fear him, adore him, and are jealous of him. He's had three wives but currently divorced and continues having mistresses.
Mother Unknown — disappeared after given birth to Oceanic.
Elder Brother Raki Silas Aoös — appears 28, elite lawyer working in father's company.
→ Raki is the closest to their father, being the first born. He was told to become a lawyer just like his father and grandfather, so many expectations and pressure is pushed onto him. His personality is similar to their father and distances himself from his brothers.
Younger Brother Olvarad Aoös — appears 22, university student, studying film/photography.
→ Olvarad loves his elder brother but not close to the eldest brother. He continues to live with his grandparents since university is close by and enjoys spending time with them. He didn't follow the path of his father and chose to do what he loved. His father disapproves, but his grandfather accepted the decision he made.
Parris Best Friend.
→ Parris was rescued by Oceanic one day when Parris tried to drown himself. Oceanic was out of the palace that afternoon and found him submerged, falling in the water. He was taken back to land as Oceanic carried him. Once Parris was conscious again, Oceanic decided to ask about what happened. They talked on the beach, and Parris decided to show his appreciation by inviting him to his palace. He was annoyed/pestered whenever Oceanic would visit after the incident soon grew comfortable around him.
Rui Friend.
→ Rui discovered the presence of the descendant of Poseidon and approached him to see who it was. Rui visited Oceanic when he was 18 and told him he had duties to carry on as Poseidon. Oceanic already knew he was the descendant but didn't realize he had to leave his current lifestyle and become the King of the Sea. Although with the shock, Rui told him he didn't need to leave the human world forever; he was still given his freedom but had more responbilities.
Associated With: Rui, Mountain, Cloud, Deja, Lucifer, Luka, Zenon, Parris. (tba.)
Under Development.
Additional Information
Nationality Icelandic / Belgian / Greek.
⚓ At the age of 6, Oceanic was told by his grandparents he was the descendant of the Greek God Poseidon. As he aged, he was taught and told stories of Greek mythology till it was his time to take the throne.
⚓ By the age of 18, after coming out of the bath, Oceanic discovered his hair had changed colors. From then his hair chnaged colors after interacting with water.
⚓ Along with his brothers, he was raised by his grandparents. He tries to visit them on the weekends. (grandparents from father's side)
⚓ He isn't blood related to his brothers. They all came from different mothers but the same father.
⚓ Often sneaks out the palace from the overload of work in order to go surfing with his friends on the beach.
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