Chibi Disney: Megara Picture

From 1997's Hercules.

Another Disney film budding with inaccuracies! Among them being:

-"Hercules"' true name is Heracles."Hercules" is the protagonist's Roman name, and the whole film's set in Greece. The Romans couldn't invent their own gods, so they took the Greeks' gods and renamed them. Example: Aphrodite=Venus; Zeus=Jupiter; Poseidon=Neptune, etc.

-Hera isn't Heracles' mother. Disney kept with the happy family image, and it would be hard to explain to children why a child is born to someone not married to the father, while he is married. And you know the part of the film where baby Heracles takes on the two snakes? In real mythology, Hera sent the snakes, to kill the spawn of her husband's love with another. She is the definition of the "crazy, dangerously jealous" wife.

-Heracles and Megara's marriage wasn't a happy one. Another Disney-fied "true love" scenario. And their marriage ended with Heracles being driven mad by Hera, eventually killing Megara and their children (which leads into his famous 12 labors).

I had to explain these mythology inaccuracies; I'm a bit of a mythology buff.
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