Sailor Tethys Picture

so once again working on my Starseed Senshi!...this one feels odd to me, i kind of like her and i kind of don't. i'll give it a while and if i dislike her, i'll just redraw her. so profile time!

name:Nanami Kaioh
meaning: Seven Seas Queen
age: 14
birthday: November 9th
sign: Scorpio
blood: B
hair: dark aqua/teal hair that is mid back and loose and slightly wavy with two little low hanging loops in the back that show from the front with bangs that are seperated but sweep to the side like her mothers.
eyes: light purple
parents: Princess Kakyuu and Michiru Kaioh

personality: easily the most elegant and fiery personality of the children. she'll scoff at anything she considers uncouth, and often avoids the company of the younger girls. she severely disliks her sister, Marika and they end up in a fight almost as often as Marika does with Haruka. when she's with someone cultured though, she's all sweetness and quite the gentlelady. she often laments that she wasn't born in the fuedal era, when real ladies were appreciated and treated like the treasures they are. she quite enjoys going to traditional plays, and watching ballet. her secret shame is the fact she cannot dance or play any instruments at all. she sees her mother Michiru as a role model, and has met her "father" Princess Kakyuu. she likes Kakyuu to an extent, but considers the Kinmoku fashion only worthy of being burned and buried, and often refuses to go to Kinmoku.

history: The name Sailor Tethys is named for the sea goddess of greek mythology, taking after Neptunes powers. Michiru became pregnant halfway through Haruka's, and took hers much better. She remained very lady like and patient, keeping Haruka on track. She looked more at the realistic side of the whole situation, and decided that it may not be the family they wanted, but it would be a family anyway. Michiru was able to find out who the other parent was shortly after Nanami was born. while surprised, she was a bit pleased as she found Kakyuu rather similar to her in personality.

Nanami transformed when she was 8, surprising the others due to her very unique fuku, though others had stranger still. She takes it with a grain of salt, though she dislikes the colors and the fact it has aspects of the Kinmokuian fuku. she trains diligently, yet often finds herself in the middle ground in terms of power, both magical and physical. so she tries to make up by using her intellect.

senshi name: Sailor Tethys
powers: oceans and steam
henshin: Tethys Crystal Power , Make up!
weapon: Aqua Mirror

attacks: Submarine Royal Flash!- Tethys uses the Aqua Mirror to blind the enemy or create a tsunami of firey water that crashes over the enemy

Star Burning Cascade!- a rain of stars, some made of water and some made of fire, fall from the ground, smashing into whatever they hit

Tidal Mist!- creates a screen of salt water steam, choking and stinging the eyes of the enemy.
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