Contest Submission-Farewell Picture

It was the last time we would meet, I told myself. Somehow, I didn’t expect to be going back there again. It was forbidden for us immortals to enter the mortal realms. By leaving, I was condemning myself to a mortal life-and eventual death. But I had to go. The three great gods, Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto, had had some sort of disagreement. That in itself wasn’t uncommon, but this time, the matter seemed to be more serious and had erupted into a full-out war. Diana had sided with her father, Jupiter, and hade called upon our mortal children to aid in her fight. I would not let them die alone; I would join in the fight, as one of them.
I was not afraid. What upset me was that I would never see him again. Him being my mate, Moonwind. He did not want me to go alone; he wanted to fight as well. But one of us had to stay, to keep watch over our mortal children. It would not bode well for them to lose both of their guardians. If I did survive this war, the thought of a life without him was unbearable. We have always been together, ever since Jupiter created us as the first wolves. All of the wolves on earth are our descendants.
It does not do well to brood on the past. I must think about the future, and plan for the long battle to come.
Farewell, Moonwind. We will not meet again, but I hope you will always think of me.

Contest submission for the group Unseen-Wolf-Artists, part of the requirements were to write a short story.
I hope this makes sense to you guys, because sometimes stories in my head come out on paper not making any sense. XD And it's probably more confusing if you're not familiar with Roman mythology.
Oh, and the black wolf's name is Nightclaw. Yes, their names are kinda cliche sounding, but I like them anyways.
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