Bacchus-PKMNBIO Picture

Bacchus the Leafeon.

•Gender: Male
•OT: Riley
•Ability: Leaf Guard
•Attacks: Magical Leaf, Giga Drain, Synthesis, Grass Knot


As an Eevee, Bacchus was energetic and carefree. He was open towards everyone and thought that there was good in everyone's heart. After evolving into a Leafeon he realized that was not the case, and there are cruel people in the world, causing him to become more secluded. Still open towards friends and family, it takes awhile for him to befriend and trust others after witnessing what happens to others who are "different". This doesn't stop him from caring deeply about Neptune. Bacchus does not have little leafs on the bottom of his legs, instead are mostly brown. He also has longer ears than most Leafeons, and his tail is cut off at the end do to a violent attack.


Usless Jib-Jab--

•Bacchus is derived from the Greek mythology term, "to shout" and is also another name for Dionysos, the god of wine, revelry, fertility and dance.
•He is my first homosexual character. He wasn't originaly "paired" with Neptune, but was a bachelor who was in the closet.
•He was also originally heterosexual.


Bacchus, Art (c)
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