Neptune The God Of The Sea Picture

Gender: Male
Age: 19 (Physically), Undecided (Actually)
Status: God Of The Sea, Prince Of Neptune
Relationship: None
Best Friend(s): Poseidon (Twin Brother)
Like(s): Horses, Sea Creatures, swimming, The ocean, Sea & Umi (Nephews), Poseidon (Twin Brother), keeping to himself, seaweed, his Brothers and Sisters including Hades (Pluto)
Dislike(s): The ocean's being damaged by pollution, Vaine and his group, anyone who harms his family, lightning, how his family treats Hades (Pluto)

Neptune is Poseidon's twin brother and Sea and Umi's Uncle. He loves horses, especially seahorses, and hates it when Earth people pollute the waters. It is Neptune's job to clear the oceans of the world of all pollution and make it a safe place for both people and sea animals. He is very protective of his nephew's and hates what Vaine and his group is trying to do with them and the other Princes and Princesses of the worlds.
Neptune is one of the few people in his family who actually likes Hades and gets along with him, even though he doesn't always understand Hades' sense of humour. When Neptune was a child, he spent most of the time inside the pool that King Flare and Queen Moon had built to look like a coral reef for him since he turns into a mermaid when he touches water and a normal hedgehog on land. He never ate much, still doesn't, and was always a really skinny child, still is, so people always thought he was constantly sick. His favorite past time is collecting sea shells and making necklaces and bracelets out of them for the children he meets, and he loves fishing for pearls (he gets lucky all the time and always finds colored pearls). He also makes jewlery out of the pearls, like the lilac colored pearl necklace he is wearing.

Neptune belongs to me so please ask to use him before you use him, thank you~

~Sonic (Kayla)~

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