Age of Mythology TRL - Emperors Picture

Emperors are the main hero of the Roman civilization. You can only train one Emperor at a time but are free to choose between an infantry, archer or cavalry emperor. Each type benefits from the improvements that would upgrade the same military units. Emperors can fight well enough against most units but are primarily used to counter myth units.

Emperor (infantry)

Age: Archaic
Trained at:
Town Center
Strong against: Myth units
Weak against: Regular units


100 food 20 gold
Hack Damage:
Reduced to 3 in Archaic Age
x8 vs myth units

Hitpoints: 130
Hack Armor: 15%
Pierce Armor: 15%
Crush Armor: 99%
Speed: 4.0 meters/second
Line of Sight: 16
Training Time: 18 seconds


Town Center technologies

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