Age of Mythology TRL - Engineer Picture

The Engineer is a weak but cheap unit whose role is to construct all your buildings for your town, including the resource drop sites. The only other unit that can build anything are the civilians and they can only farms. Engineers however can build 3 times faster than Greek villagers. They can also defend themselves fairly well as they are armed with a hammer but should never make up the bulk of an army. It is best to keep a few of them to expand your town and maybe garrison inside towers when not in use to increase their attack.
Jupiter's engineers are also equipped with a crossbow to hunt wild animals.

Age: Archaic
Trained at:
Town Center

Strong against: Infantry
Weak against: Archers


50 food 20 gold
Hack Damage: 3
x1.1 vs Infantry
x1.2 vs Buildings

Pierce Damage: 6 (vs. wild animals, Jupiter only)
Range: 16
Hitpoints: 50
Hack Armor: 25%
Pierce Armor: 10%
Crush Armor: 99%
Speed: 4.8 meters/second
Line of Sight: 15 meters
Training Time: 14 seconds

Academy technologies

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