Age of Mythology TRL - Retiarii Picture

The Retiarii is an infantry unit and the first gladiator that can be trained from the Amphitheater. They are essentially a faster but frailer version of the Atlantean Destroyer that deal massive amount of damage to buildings. They also train quickly and if you are able to build an Amphitheater near your enemy base, you can overwhelm them with these warriors (as long as you have plenty of resources to spare).

Age: Heroic
Trained at:

Strong against: Infantry, Buildings
Weak against:
Cavalry, Archers


70 food 40 gold
Hack Damage:
Crush Damage: 25
x3.5 vs buildings
x1.5 vs infantry
x0.5 vs cavalry
x0.5 vs archers
Hitpoints: 110
Hack Armor: 15%
Pierce Armor: 30%
Crush Armor: 99%
Speed: 4.5 meters/second
Line of Sight: 16 meters
Training Time: 6 seconds

Academy technologies

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