Neptune: Planet of Illusion Picture

Yes, another series. I have had these made for a while though. And sorry, these ones don't have any animation. These are known as the Astrological Planets, so you'll be expecting the sun and the moon rather than Earth.


Neptune: Planet of Illusion

Traditionally, Neptune's trident. The crescent of spirit is above the cross of matter.

Neptune has the keyword "refine". By refining, we raise something to a higher degree and this can mean idealism or illusion. Neptune is a force that takes us away from the physical world, and is associated with religion and belief. Neptune, in Greek mythology, was the god of the sea. When our minds turn to the refined and unworldly, we can sometimes be deceived. We move into the unreal and the unprovable. Neptune rules film, where flickering lights create the illusion of reality. It also rules conjuring and similar arts of deception and mystery. Neptune is also concerned with the glorious sacrifice: giving up the self for the sake of religion or ideology (capitulation).

Neptune rules, or is the co-ruler of Pisces (with Jupiter).

Neptune is associated with nebulousness, illumination and impressionability.
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