Arms of the Serpent Picture

EDITED: I finally managed to scan it in higher quality and now I'm able to submit it as a print.

Also, I decided to make some research on some of the symbols that are present on the drawing.
As I have mentioned before, I hardly plan a drawing before making it, so I only "think about it" in the end, when it's done.

Trident: The trident is a symbol of the power of Poseidon/Neptune, greek-roman god of seas. It has the power of create springs, but also earthquakes and tsunamis. Being a Sea god, it's also connected to the dark sea of unconsciousness. The trident is also a symbol of the hindu god Shiva, and its three spikes symbolizes the three qualities of nature: creation, preservation and destruction. The trident is also a weapon against evil.

Eye in Hand: Mostly known as a protective symbol against evil or evil glance. The evil eye "is believed to harm nursing mothers and their babies, fruit bearing trees, milking animals, and the sperm of men. (...) The goal in using the amulet is to prevent loss or damage to the forces of generation or generative power." This symbol is actually present in a lot of cultures and its meaning can go further and deeper. It has always had a special meaning for me.

Wavy Dagger: I found a reference on the Indonesian/Southern Thailand/Philippines culture about the wavy dagger, called Kris or Keris. Both a weapon and spiritual object, krisses are often considered to have an essence or presence, with some blades possessing good luck and others possessing bad. Some myths say that it can be milked to produce water, kill an oponent by simply pointing at him, project a flame, and it is also said that the blade is poisonous. Some say its form is based on the mythical serpent/dragon: naga. Another possible meaning for the distorted blade is the opposite of the straight blade of the sword of truth - therefore, distorted truth or lies. Actually, the symbolism of this one is not very clear for me yet...

Apple: Well, this is well-known for everyone.
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