Trishna and Myrmon Picture

Heeeeey, Digimon Eden has updated with the third chapter, where Myrmon evolves into Myrmidomon! So I can put up more sizecharts here!
Trishna Pryce and Myrmon from Digimon Eden, which you can read here!
Evoline = Magomon -> Larvmon -> Myrmon -> Myrmidomon -> Solendramon -> Deidamiamon

Maggot is English and means maggot. 8'''D
Larva is English for larva.
Myra is Swedish for ant.
Myrmidons were legendary skilled warriors commanded by Achilles in Greek mythology. In English, the term refers to hired ruffians or unquestionably loyal followers.
Solenopsis invicta is the scientific name of the red imported fire ant. Dragon.
In Greek mythology, Deidamia was one of King Lycomedes's daughters, and gave birth to Achilles's son, Neoptolemus. Deidamia is also the name of a queen regnant from 3rd century BC, Deidamia II of Epirus.

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