Kelkratter The Maze Draktul Picture

Name: Kelkratter
Type: Draktul
Specie: Nemean Hydra//underworld Hyppolyta
Elementa: Blood
Years: 25 centuries
Weapon: Nemean Lion's Skeleton // Nemean Fiend
Title: Maze Draktul
Weakness: Unknown
Lives: Creta
Likes: Visit Gerion, be with his parents, seek cows to Gerion
Dislikes: Teseo, be bothered, lions

Kelkratter is a draktul son by the minotaur in Creta and a from a beautiful nymph which represented the Aquarium's constellation.
To the draktul all was peaceful and with a lot of oportunites, after this father was free by Hera he started to protect the bulls around Greece.

But the times of happiness ceased when the hero Teseo killed Kelkratter's father...his mother abandoned him after be in love with a centaur around the place. With a broken heart, the draktul left for a while Creta to seek something to do...then, in his journey arrived to Nemea...where the rests of the Nemean lion remained. Kelk took his bones and forged with blood, dedication and obtain the Nemean Fiend, his weapon.

When he died, Hades gave to him a second opportunity with the condition to bring souls to the netherworld using the ancient place of his father...the Maze.
After a lot of massacres, Kelk obtained the blood Elementa and his particular title.
He is the 4xGreat Grandfather of Envroggha.

Kelkratter, Envroggha, Nemean Fiend belongs to me
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