The Nemean Lion Picture

This is the creature that represents the zodiac constelation of the Lion. The Legend of the Nemean Lion. Its skin could not be harmed. Every sword or steel axe, arrows or even pure strenght, were meaningless to the powerfull creature. Champions from all cities of Greece went to the Nemea Valley to kill the beast, but all falled, diying by the sharpen claws of the great lion
Althoght only one was able to kill the creature: HERCULES.
The very first labour set by King Eurystheus to Hercules. Killing the beast would be a proof of the strength and honour.
The warrior went to the valley. And once facing the beast, he could meet death. The Godess Athena helped Hercules, telling him to use the claws of the creature against its skin. Hercules managed to kill the lion. Once victorious, he returned to retrieve the skin of the creature, to use as a Armour.
The battle is iconic, for the classic greece art and mythology, and represents the strive of human force to win the wild and conquerer the nature.
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