Nemea Picture

ok here is another girl for the Lost Boys. Jessica Pinkerton, an exchange student from England, was just living it up at the rave, having a grand ole time when the aliens decided to crash the party. She was captured like the others and subjected to inhuman experiments until, like the others, she escaped and retaliated. Jessica also joined the Lost Boys after the defeat of the aliens. Jessica is what you might call a competitive tomboy, always wanting to be number 1. She also has a sensitive side to her. she likes to sing and write songs in her free time.... when not trying to beat all the competition that gets in her way. her name comes from the golden claw gaunlets she wears, which look like the Nemean Lion's from Greek Mythology.

Jessica has natural superhuman abilities but also wears a pair of gauntlets and an eye-piece to help for combat. Her gauntlets have flamethrowers built in and has claws sharp enough so that she can scale walls with ease.
Jessica has superhuman strength and speed
Jessica can fly
Jessica can see 10 minutes into the future.
And on top of all that, Jessica is a practicioner of parkour and capoeria.
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