Warriors Olympus Picture

Inspired by Warriors Orochi,

Project Title

Achilles historical period around 12th century B.C. with post event of Warriors Orochi 3.

Most events will take place in Mount Olympus.

The story begins with people of Troy and Greek started to rebel the deceitful Gods by no longer worship them. Such act triggers the wrath of the Gods of Olympus. Thus, Zeus and his fellow Olympians join forces to punish mankind. Both Trojan and Grecian army fight against the Gods but only to be succumb by utter defeat. Among one of the most heroic Trojan warrior, Achilles recalls his foreign comrades whom he once fought along against Orochi sometime ago. Though Achilles knows no fear and refuse to surrender, he and his Trojan brothers are in peril and unable to fight against unearthly forces that are so powerful. No man or Demigod can take on the Gods of Olympus alone. In his desperate struggles, he calls upon their aid. His prayers was answered by Kaguya, a resident of the mystic realm who possessed time traveling abilities which allow her to move into the past, present and future through memories of the host as demonstrated in Warriors Orochi 3. To return Achilles’s favor, his companions of distant time have arrived to assist him.
And now stand the warriors of Troy, Greek, France, middle Europe Vyashion, China and Japan who united as one ‘Mortal Alliance’ to drive back the might of Olympians.
What awaits them after Orochi is the Gods of Olympus.

Aim and Objectives
The goal of this image is to show the main characters who play important role in this fictional game, WARRIORS OLYMPUS.

Target Audience
People who love Troy, Dynasty, Samurai Warriors and those who interested in Greek mythology especially their Gods.

Ideation and Concept
The design is meant to show half faces of all main cast in WARRIORS OLYMPUS who involve both men and Gods.

Design Approach
Behind the facial image is the clouds which can be relate to the height of Mount Olympus as well as the symbol of Gods residence or realm, since we human used to believe that Gods and Goddesses reside in the sky. The game logo has the symbol of Greek last alphabet, Omega and the image of a spear that serves as the underline for the title.

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters needed for the game poster. No copyright infringement intended. Everything belongs to their respective owners.
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