lion qualities 1 - strength Picture

The inspiration for this three pictures came when I played the (incredibly awesome) game ‘Age of Mythology’. I had just made one of my favorite units: The Nemean lion. I looked at the beastie and thought: Why is it called the Nemean lion? I found out, that this lion was a son of Zeus and a random half goddess *forget the name* and related to the Chimera. He was incredible strong and aggressive, and had a skin that could not be damaged by weapons. No-one could kill it (forget Heracles xD) When I had dinner, an idea for a drawing formed itself in my head. I wanted to bring together the 3 qualities (3 is an cool number for such things) that human the lion ascribe. For that I used 3 legendary lions, and all have one of those qualities in large measure. I choose:
- the Nemean lion for strength (the one above^^)
- Aslan (from the Narnia-series) for wisdom
- Simba (from the lion king, of course) for courage

It was fun to seek for the poses and expressions that belonged to the qualities. I hope I succeeded! I also made a little background in a frame, with by each lion a landscape familiar to the them. For the Nemean lion: the village Nemea, where he lived. For Simba: his plains, with the legendary rock at the background. Aslan was the hardest to make a bg for, but I decided to draw the Stone Table on the hill, where Aslan was killed by the Witch, and has reborn. It is a important place in the book. For me, for Aslan, and it’s suited for the readers of the books, as well for the ones that saw the movie *both really awesome* Critism and tips are much appreciated!

All the pics + backgrounds, I guess 10 hours, maybe some more or less.
HB-pencil, EberhardFaber.

*The other 2 drawings are not finished/scanned yet, but they will soon apear in my gallery
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