#005 CLAWON Picture

Type: Fire

Ability: Blaze
Hidden Ability: Moxie

Evolutionary line:

Burlion -> lv 18 -> Clawon


Clawon, the Pokémon armor. It is the evolution of Burlion. In this new phase by its becomes more rigid, thereby strengthening their defense. Your trump card is its razor sharp claws that he always hides the closed legs. He usually show them to challenge his opponent. Contrary to his previous form, only challenges who judges worthy of a burning match.

base Mythological:

Clawon and their evolution are based on the lion-of-Nemea. This was described as a lion of monstrous size whose fur was impenetrable as steel. He was defeated by the mighty Hercules. This used the own claws of the lion to extract your skin because it was the only "thing" able to pierce it.
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