the nemean lion Picture

8/30 whatever
I'm so behind.

This is the lion of Nemea, obviously. It was the son of Echidne and Orthrus. Echidne pretty much gave birth to most of the creatures, like Cerberus, Chimaera, Hydra, Sphinx, etc. Anyway, the Nemean lion was this ravenous beast that screwed up a lot of lives for people. It was said to have an impenetrable hide and that no weapon could pierce it. Heracles, in another one of his crazy Labors, was forced to kill this beast. After figuring out his atom bomb and laser gun were useless, he strangled the lion with his bare hands. Then, he stripped it of its skin using its claws and wore it for protection.

I'm kind of sick of doing these, honestly. Meh.

Image and artwork © 2006 to *pandorabox
Door. AAAAAAH!!!

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