Cloud ref redux Picture

Finally I can post this multipart ref! (For late 2013-2014)
It's kind of long, be warned.


Full Name:Cloud Ciel Harmonia or Cloudwatcher (Warrior name)


Breed:Turkish Angora/Red/Arctic fox/Bobcat mix


Height,weight,and element:Listed above

Pokemon Ability:Aura Break

Abilities:She bears the same kind of powers that Warum has,shapeshifting,being able to disperse into and manipulate black mist, as well as summon it for holding a foe down, making barriers, ect. and can also form a single black wing on her right shoulder.

Personality:Calm most of the time, quick to anger, insane and sadistic, unnaturally envious, and can shred the fuck out of someone when fully enraged.(It also takes her forever to get to sleep)

Likes: Pokemon, Most Nintendo series, Final Fantasy VII, Team Plasma, Animals, Fantasy and Mythology,Knives, cute stuff, and Music

Dislikes:Humans, Animal abuse(real or fictional), Closed species, Point/Money whores, Saw,Crane flies, Religious addicts, Male reproductive organs,the sound of saws, people touching her stomach, and her own imperfection

Sora (Mother)
Izan (Father)
Kyle Grelle Harmonia (Older brother)
Warum Shadow Harmonia (Shadow)
Storm Ana Harmonia ('Husband')
Eclipse Valentine Harmonia (Daughter)

References in her form:
Silver loosened bangs and ability to manipulate dark mist;based from Kadaj from Final Fantasy VII; Advent Children/Complete.
Slanted eyes;based from Envy from FullMetal Alchemist
Hooked fangs;based from WolfWrath from the Kirby series.
Ear piercing;based from Flighty's baby Cheetwo
Black wing;based from Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII
Pointed tuft on top of her head/ahoge;based from N from Pokemon

Optional stuff:
Collar-Almost always worn (I were it nearly every day)
Purple under eyes-purely optional (I have that under my eyes)
Glasses-purely optional (I want a pair of nonprescription glasses)
Alt tail style-purely optional (It's friken' pretty)
Buster sword necklace-(Not shown) worn about as much as the collar (Got it at an Anime Convention)

Other parts

Normal -You are here
Anthro ->…
Cosplay ->…
Forms ->(To be uploaded)
Pelt colourations ->…
Old Forms ->…
Old ref ->…
ancient ref ->…
Wolf form ->…

Cloud(c) Herself/me
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