ArcheRyng Bosses Concept Art Picture

Boss 1: Erithros of the Core
He slaps his hands down at you. Not very menacing. After he attacks, he won't defend himself for a moment, giving you a chance to shoot one or more of his spine bones out. If you can count, you can tell it takes 5 hits to kill this guy.
Boss 2: Herpetón of the Grass
He was born of a Goddess and an Airplane. He's basically a giant snake. His attack consists of him rearing his head back, opening his mouth, then flinging himself at you for a big bite. Shoot his mouth 7 times when he opens it to kill him.
Boss 3: Mekhanizmos of the City
Built with the help of the God's tech support crew, Mekhanizmos is the most technologically advanced deity ever to shake his junk on Mount Olympus. His two mechanical arms block off the sides of the field, so you can't fly past him. He has laser eyes, and you should probably try shooting at them when they're open. Four hits in each eye should do it.
Boss 4: Mávro Kólasi of the Smog
An evil floating skull with equally evil floating hands. He's the bad dude that's been possessing all of the other deities and making them go on rampages. He's covered in smog, but that won't make him too much harder to defeat. Shoot his hands 4 times each, then get both of his eye sockets.
Boss 5: Katára of the Sky (I know this one looks crappy. I don't care. It's concept art.)
When Goddesses Go Bad. Armed with her harp, and possessed by Mávro Kólasi, she will do her best to sing the song that ends the world. But she needs her harp to do that. Guess where you target is. She'll attack with high pitched notes, smacks, and various other melee attacks.
Boss 6: Stratiótis of the Stars
Cursed with the most hilarious name ever, this is a constellation of stars brought to life by that pesky skull. Take out each star before it flashes. The flashing is a signal for one of his many attacks because, hey, when you have a sword and shield, you don't take crap from anyone.
Boss 7: Zeus of the Heavens (Not pictured)
Zeus? Isn't he a good guy like you? Yes. But you know who isn't a good guy? Mávro Kólasi. And guess who's possessing everybody's favorite supergod? He'll basically summon thunderbolts and lightning (very very frightening!), smack you around, bring up spikes, summon other mythical creatures, cause earthquakes, and la-di-da. He sure likes making elaborate poses. Maybe they'll give you an idea of where you're supposed to shoot your arrows.
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