Hades Picture

I am so god-awful tired of people portraying Hades as Satan. Percy Jackson the movie even went as far as saying the Underworld was Hell. What, then Mount Olympus is Heaven? wtf?

First of all: THE UNDERWORLD IS NOT HELL. I complained about this to my mom, and she asked, "well, isn't it the same thing?" NO. The Underworld is Heaven, Hell, and somewhere in between all together, to put it simply. It's where you go when you die. It's where your spirit rests for eternity. etc.

Second of all: HADES IS NOT SATAN. Hell, he's not even entirely evil. He's God of the freaking Underworld because of bad luck. The three brothers drew straws, and Hades got the shortest one. Literally. So I personally think he'd be more... tired, depressed, and bitter. NOT evil. Guardian of the Underworld DOES NOT EQUAL Devil, Lucifer, Satan, etc. One friend suggested that people do this to make it more familiar to audiences. Well screw them, they're WRONG WRONG WRONG. This simply isn't it.

So for all the gods' sakes, stop making Hades the devil. He is not.
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