I spotted Aiysd and Koffii in Age of Mythology!

(Joking. I drew them in there. Had you, didn't I?
Well, this is where they live. by the oasis. Say hello.

Aiysd and Koffii (C) me
I probably should have done them Mother Nature's colours, instyead of Campaign Blue's colours. Oh well. I might update this later.

If you look at the map, I have a wonder. If you look at the status bar thingy on the side:
Lots of wood (enter > TROJAN HORSE FOR SALE)
Lots of gold (enter > ATM OF EREBUS)
Lots of food (enter > JUNK FOOD NIGHT)
Lots of god favour (enter > MOUNT OLYMPUS)

If you look at the god powers, i have unlimited natural disasters. (enter > WRATH OF THE GODS)

This is an awesome game. It's awesomeness is... I dunno. Pretty good, I guess. ^^

Get this game.
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