aphrodite. Picture

I cut the lower portion out... um, because it was too crappy for eyes.

Well. Just a random drawing while I was reading up on my mom's old mythology books.

I see drawings of Aphrodite a lot, and to be honest, a lot of people make her look like a slut. Like, they draw her as this vain creature who only cares about beauty, looks, and even dat derrrrty stuff. I'm trying to draw a different side compared to that. Well, she is a goddess for a reason. I decided to draw this wise, spiritual Aphrodite, you know. Not just some chick who looks pretty and makes things pretty and makes love happen, being the goddess of love and beauty. I'm trying to draw her as this being that understands the deeper meaning to beauty, REAL beauty, you know.... and the spiritual essence of love and all that... not just the so-called 'passion' and the whole 'we'll run away together' crap.

But I'm redoing this. I'm not satisfied with this yet, but it's pretty good.
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