WAR against the GODS -poster- (No longer in Use) Picture

A new comic I'm making based from Greek Mythology and God of War. I was planning on naming the comic 'Gods of War' but that sounded too stupid and really like I just copied the name which in a way I did. By the way this has Kratos in it of course even though he is never actually part of Greek Mythology (although there is someone with a similar name Cratos).

Three children are born mere minutes away from each other making them triplets from the newest God of War and Pandora. But unfortuantly during a war against a mysterious man in a metal helmet, the children lost their parents. After their deaths, the three children were raised by the previous God of War who took his throne back by request of Zeus, Kratos. When the children are taught by Kratos, the man in the metal helmet makes a apperance and warns the Olympians that he is waging a war against them and he has unleased the titans. The three children, now 16 years old, must not only defend each other but Mount Olympus in the new Great War.
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