My Inspirations Picture

This is just something I did really quickly for school. We were supposed to make a collage of what inspired us to write, but I didn't think any of these things would be in the old Women's Health magazines the teacher gave us. (But then again, I didn't look...)
So I just drew what inspired me, inked it badly, and colored it quickly with crayons.
I kinda like how it came out, really.


Yeah, I know that's the biggest thing on there. I did that on purpose. Because poke'mon is awesome... and... colorful...

This is a rather old inspiration, although I still go on my old account once in a while. Some of my first little writing projects were about my neopets, and I learned alot from doing that, so I thought that it deserved a spot up here. That's an Aisha, by the way.

Star Wars
I blame my dad for this, but Star Wars has always held a certain fascination for me. It's such an in-depth story set in an amazing, seemingly endless, alternate world. I guess you could say that it inspires me to create a similar world of my own.

What? There's nothing more uplifting when I have writers block than I nice, hot, tasty cuppa tea. My favorite is vanilla chai, with those little cookies.

My Kitty
I love my cat, he's always there for me, he never talks back AND he's in love with my feet. He's my baby. (I can't draw him for beans, though.)

The Music of the Night
A.K.A. The Phantom of the Opera. I love the music from the broadway play, and the story and characters from the book. I often amaze my friends by singing the entire show under my breath while I think they're not listening.

I put this down for the sake of simplicity. It's not the religion itself that really inspires me, it's the feeling of community and belonging that I get whenever I go to church. We really are all friends there, and if I ever need some inspiring words and a good hug, my pastor is the guy to go to. I love it.

Harry Potter
Harry Potter inspires me for some of the same reasons Star Wars does, plus the more fantasy aspects of it. And it's hilarious. (I've read the 5th book 9-and-a-half times.)

No, that's not a lighthouse. It's Mount Freaking Olympus.
I love mythology of all kinds, and of many ethnicities. The Greek is just prominent because it was the first one I got into.

....If you read all that, you're amazing.

Pokemon Trainer Red (c) Nintendo
Neopets (c) The Neopets Staff
Star Wars (c) George Lucas
Tea belongs to everybody, because it is delicious
My Kitty totally belong so me
Erik (c) Gaston Leroux/Andrew Lloyd Webber
Christianity belongs to Jesus
Harry Potter (c) J. K. Rowling
Greek Mythology belongs to the Greek people, I guess.

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