The Mares of Diomedes Picture

The eighth of Heracles' twelve labours, there were four of the mares. Owned by Diomedes, a barbarian king of Thrake, the mares were fed on human flesh. Heracles was commanded to fetch these horse by King Eurysthesus to be forgiven for killing his twelve children. He captured the mares and left them in the care of his young squire and friend, Abderos, who - in his absence - was eaten. Heracles then fed Diomedes to the horses, calming their unnatural appetite with their master's flesh. The horses were later set free on Mount Olympus, and - some say - eaten by wild beasts (but I like to think they just ran around and caused mischied forevermore).

Sorry for the horrible quality, I believe my scanner hates me. And after drawing two, I gave up, having made them huge and filled the page. They're probably one of my favourite beasts in Greek mythology, and definitely the best labour of Heracles.
(c) Cherrypie04, 2013.
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