Acantha, Guardian of the Gods as a Doll Picture

I got another request from QTcomics to do this fierce warrior as a doll. The only dress-up game that had everything I needed was the "Game of Thrones" scene-maker, tho I had to improvise a lot.

It wasn't hard coming up with the short hairdo or the fierce expression (she's definitely some1 u'd want guarding Mount Olympus b/c no one would want to mess with her). I couldn't put gigantic swords behind her back, but I just placed some in her hands & that worked out ok. The costume required some work, though.

The hardest part was the top & loincloth. I basically put her in 1 of those weird tops that covered the torso & had long panels down the front & back, & then covered it up using those colored, non-tattoo shapes in the drag-&-drop. I realized when playing w/ the colors, that pale cream looks very close to the lightest skintone. I covered up the stomach area & the straps so it would look like a bra & loincloth. It seemed to work out ok, but it made the gigantic scars on Acantha's chest too difficult to put on top. Had to use boots instead of sandals, but boots are better for some1 in her line of work anyway.

The doll on the rt is QTcomics' creation, & the doll on the left is my imitation of her. Hopefully QT will like it
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