Thank the Gods - 2 Picture

This is "page" two of my scroll dedicated to bathroom etiquette: Thank the Gods for Indoor Plumbing. It makes a lot more sense if you read it from the beginning as well as read the introduction in the first description!
Beginnings of the scroll

The text reads:
For aeons, the God Themselves had been managing Their sublime sewage (believe it or not, while ambrosia grants immortality, it also causes the runs!) through a miraculous system of golden tubes and other mechanisms, the crowning glory of which was an altar of gleaming porcelain.

However, Zeus refused to bestow this gift upon humanity, fearing that it would render them too much like the Gods. The other Deities were irritated with His decision, but none darted to oppose Him – except one, a headstrong demigod by the name of Plumbertheus. He was so fed up with humanity's putrid waste that He simply had to do ssomething. So while Hermes engaged Zeus in a thoroughly engrossing round of tick-tack-toe, Plumbertheus brought a series of the wondrous porcelain altars to the people, and this was the very first public restroom. this clandestine process continued as Hermes' and Zeus's tick-tack-toe tournaments became a regular occurrence. The other Gods did begin to notice the increasing cleanliness and decreasing odor down on earth. They were secretly releived that had dared to do what They had not, and so They kept their mouths shut about the operation around Zeus.

Zeus did, eventually, catch on though. Months after Plumbertheus had initially defied Him, when Zeus was convinced that He had finally beaten Hermes and inhaled what He thought was the sweet scent of victory, only to see Hermes connect His three [Greek letters] and win the game did He notice that something was indeed different with the air quality up on Mount Olympus. He looked down to earth and foudn Himself wondering where the mound of feces and their accompanying swarms of flies had gone. The earth was starting to look greener again as well. . . something was amiss. It was not long until he discovered that humans had obtained their own porcelain altars, sitting upon them like little gods. This made Him furious beyond belief since He knew that silly humans could not have developed such an invention without divine intervention, but He Himself had to admit that the view and the fragrance was a major improvement. He decided to be magnanimous with Plumbertheus and the other Gods who had kept silent about the matter, and He declared that humans could continue to use their porcelain altars if they always remembered to abide by the proper etiquette thus showing their eternal respect towards the Gods for Their great gift of indoor plumbing. A group of Deities was assigned to oversee human bathroom conduct.

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Written, illustrated, and designed by Desiree Isphording. Copyright 2006.
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