Thank the Gods - 1 Picture

This is the first "page" of my scroll dedicated to bathroom etiquette, Thank the Gods for Indoor Plumbing. It makes a lot more sense when you start from the beginning and read my introduction to the project.
Beginning of the scroll

The text reads:
Thank the Gods for Indoor Plumbing: A Divine Guide to Bathroom Etiquette
After the titans had been defeated and Zeus had set all of heaven and earth into order, the Gods for Their own amusement decided to create a new race of beings called humans. These creatures were well-formed, endowed with a rudimentary intelligence, and capable of some serious blunders. In particular, humans were very messy animals, leaving their nasty refuse wherever they thought it convenient. Humans produced a foul stinking upon the earth, even other creatures on the face of Gaia became nauseous and sick. eventually, humanity's ill-placement and concentration of their waste produced such a stench that it even reached the abode of the Gods on the summit of Mount Olympus. The disgust of the Gods became so great that they petitioned Zeus, the proud leader of the Olympian Divine, to intercede with the ill-mannered humans on Their behalf.

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Written, illustrated, and designed by Desiree Isphording. Copyright 2006.
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