Call of Nature Picture

Title: Call of Nature

Size: 18"w x 36"h x 0.5"d (sides are painted black, no frame necessary!)

Medium: Oil on canvas

Technique: Finger painted

Date: 2007

Story: The powerful play between human culture and nature was embodied for the ancient Greeks in their great god Pan (known to Romans as Faunus). Half-man and half-goat, he was a free spirit who preferred the countryside to living with the other gods on Mount Olympus, protected shepherds instead of kings, and dallied with as many nymphs as would have him.

No matter how many layers of clothing and rules of etiquette we put between ourselves and the wild, Nature calls to flowers in the garden and the meadow to grow from the dirt, and we are no different despite our deodorants and Sunday best. Pan is the divinity who shows us our souls are rooted in our flesh, neither separate nor warring, but constantly interacting to push us to bloom.

This 18" x 36" painting sees Pan preparing for courtship, or perhaps appreciating the splendor around him by gathering a bouquet. A sweet breeze blows bright leaves across his path, and he turns with an inviting smile: When was the last time you picked flowers for someone?

Ivan Chan Studio: Invite Beauty
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