On Mount Cyllene Picture

i never really know how to categorize my drawings.

anyway, this is loosely based off that story that a man tiresias sees two snakes getting it on, so he kills them. upon killing them, he turns into a woman.

later on he does this again and turns back into a man

then the gods ask him which gender enjoyed sex more, which he answers 'female' so hera blinds him and zeus gives him the ability to see into the future (just not able to see the present LOL PUN) and also immortality but forgets to give him eternal youth. so people hear him talk but no one listens to the ramblings of an old man.

anyway that's the story, the drawing was just an excuse to draw something violent on one side and something feminine on the other side. here you have this girl in a hat/veil combo, a corset, long skirt, fishnet gloves, and heels. the other side has two snakes getting impaled by her walking stick.

maybe i should have made it an umbrella to fit with the "dark goth girl" theme, but whatever. the umbrella would be harder to draw.
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