Aphrodite Picture

I finally got my sepia inking pens from Japan... So anyways a few nights ago I started drawing this and originally didn't like, however, i decided to give it another chance it i guess i can say it isn't totally horrid... I still need some practice with drawing hair though. So this is a drawing of Aphrodite... Since we're reading the Odyssey in school i've been thinking a lot about greek mythology. The sepia inking pens did wonders 4 this drawing... It certainly wouldn't have been as nice with a black out line. Sadly the picture is somewhat pixilated the colors very well... So 2 go on and talk about this drawing, the idea for the background colors came from the golden clouds of mount olympus. Her hair is super long, kind of reminds me of Rapunzel in a way, but most of the pictures i saw of her she had really long hair. I love the way the colors work together then you get that bright pop of blue from her eyes. Hahaha i could go on all day about this... But i'll stop now and just say it's my new favorite drawing.
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