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For Jessica


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These are the Runic Blades. Like the other swords I've drawn in this story (starting with the Mythos Runeblades and the destruction of Mount Olympus, through the X'an Blades), they're rooted in the mythology as best as I can do. I know quite a bit about Norse mythology now hehe.

The main weapons are these:
Thor, a hammer
Loki, a shortsword
Odin, a double-ended greatsword

The combinations are these:
Thor + Loki = Midgard, the land of humans
Thor + Loki, reversed = Jormungand, the Midgard Serpent
Thor + Odin = AEsir, the Norse Pantheon
Midgard + Odin = Asgard, the land of the AEsir
Jormungand + Odin = Ragnarok, the Norse apocalypse

But, that's not all!
The being that wields these, the moment he picks up Thor, it begins to glow with energy.

And when he strikes the ground with it, all three weapons become infused with power. Flames erupt out of Thor and the runes on all three begin to glow.

The runes on the weapons say the names of the weapons. Everything looks cooler in runes. On the combinations, the original runes still appear, but the new name appears in the middle of Thor.

For scale, Odin is six inches wide and seven feet from tip to tip (five feet from the handle to the furthest tip)
Thor is sixteen inches long and eleven inches wide. The handle is one inch wide.
Loki is two feet long and four inches wide.

Photoshop CS3
Mmm....something like 25 hours.
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