Camp Half-Blood Map Picture

In Rick Riordan's excellent YA fantasy/adventure series Percy Jackson and the Olympians, the Greek gods are still around, still squabbling with each other, and still siring children with mortals. All these kids need somewhere to go to meet others of their kind and learn to control their powers. So, naturally, they've got a summer camp for them on Long Island, just a few miles down the street from Mount Olympus' new location (the 600th floor of the Empire State Building).

My friends and I love the books so much that we begged our friend John Trimble to create a Dungeons & Dragons mod which would allow us to actually become part of this amazing and exciting world.

Unfortunately, all the maps of Camp Half-Blood we could find are very vague; more cartoony than practical. They don't really show the exact positions of the buildings, and there's a lot of variation between them. This led to a few arguments about which buildings were actually next to one another, and whether walking from point A to point B would take you past point C or not.

So I decided to make a better map and solve the problem for good.

(Percy Jackson & the Olympians © Rick Riordan)
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