Hood: A Teaser poster for our "animated" Series "Sailor Noh"

The Story Follows the main Character Susan who is part of the Group known as The Sailor Noh, who travel around a Flooded world finding ancient artifacts, new species of life, and Many different aliens that have landed on the man islands around the planet. And if not exploring the watery terrain, hanging out with friends or defending their home, The Floating islands from Invaders who are keen on trying to take the Mysterious "Sword in The Mountain." Though the biggest Mystery lies in the past of The Sailor Noh as well as the inhabitants of the Planet, for their are many familiar spectacles that dwell beneath the ocean floor.

The Series is heavily inspired by Fox's and my Love for animated cartoon series both old and New (Steven Universe, my life as a teenage robot, ben10 etc.)

This here shows the "Main" Noh that make up the Sailor Noh, Susan (Blue) . Oku (Gray) , Devi (Dark orange), Oro (Purple), Thun (Orange yellow), Veor (Aqua green) and Oni (Red)

Fox says he has finished the script for the first episode, now Im just working on a couple Concept art and backgrounds for the Show, when it airs itlle be on Our Youtube CHannel " 9bitFox " Hope to see you all there
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