Juno - Myth of the Slayer Picture

The mountain shook. Rabbit was rattled out of bed onto the cold dirt floor. The Earth shook again, and yet again. Clumps of gloopy silt rained down from the deep tree roots hanging like an unshaven beard from the ceiling on Rabbits head in his hole-in-the-ground home. Teacups danced off the table, books timbered off shelves, and the room's heavy wooden braces began to crack.
“What the?” said Rabbit “No, not the...” His favorite painting, popped off the wall ripping on the cornet of a rocking chair.
“Please, please no, not that of all things!” The urn of his grandmother spilled, dusting the air with a dead gray. Rabbit breathed deep and felt sick. A sound, deeper than a growling stomach, bell'd in full terror. Rabbit tried to gather some things as the rocks falling quickly got bigger and bigger. He flung off the pillowcase and freakishly started to fire essentials and mere keepsakes inside. Stuffed animals, a tin solider, mechanical mouse, half loaf of banana bread, potato cake, burritos stuffed with bluegrass, a pocket watch, one golden apple, tea bags, coffee beans and several large bags of tobacco. The walls began to cave in. The small beam of light dug for the exit grew smaller and smaller. Rabbit made a quick dash toward day, but what he was about to see made him wish he were buried 10 feet below. Vomit splattered at his feet. Above, the spindly branches corkscrewed past clouds, past the thin blue veil of Earth. Dust, oak nuts, thorns, leaves, sticks, bark, insects made a hundred fingernail tornadoes as a tremendous storm bubbled. Blackness set in.
Rabbit, utterly frightened, found the quickness to squeeze through the forest falling all around him. Behind, molten iron pooled up through trillions of tunnels left from rotted roots. The final cries from animals rung. Atlas burned, and he too was dying. Licking his angry hot tongue against Rabbit’s tail.
Rabbit ran. The mountain groaned in a slippery-wind voice, “Come back!”, making Rabbit run even faster. Then a voice warped softer, sadder “Noooo!”. The crunch of footsteps close behind Rabbit suddenly sounded; the giddy rage of two men with rifles. “Your going nowhere fast, you little twit.” And he shot a wild bullet embarrassingly awry. Rabbit swallowed his breath, looked behind only to notice the end was passing. Ahead, the wet channel of a stream which Rabbit skipped expertly on the crowns of boulders. Fire giving way to a fragrance of spring wildflowers, the ringing of rifles. Soon enough, Rabbit’s luck ran out, a bullet ripped through the left hind leg tumbling him flat in the mud. Next, a hand pinched the scruff of his neck, followed by feet lifting much higher than he could jump.

“Hercules is going to kill all of us!” Rabbit shouted, trying to bite anything.
“Settle now, relax, who, Herc...?”
“Juno will order him too!”
One man looked at the other and shrugged “Who are you talking about?”
“Our Gods of course.”
“Gods?” He rumbled the foul air between his teeth, spitting it out several times on the ground “Gods....gods.........yes, God---frey, sure I have met him, he lives in that cabin over there, would you like to be introduced? I am sure he has plenty of pie on ice.” Rabbit was set down, terrified but hopeful for something tasty.
They all started walking slowly toward the dim candlelight emitting from the puny window. One of the men wrapped his hairy arm over Rabbit's shoulder; the other brut lagging a dash behind with his gun loosely aimed right below and in-between Rabbit’s long erect ears.
It became quickly apparent there was some kind of commotion behind the house, all kinds of voices tangled in argument, everything was talking.

“You hear that?” questioned the tall hunter
“You mean them?” Rabbit pointed with his nose at dust clouds kicked up from all those feet.
The hunter smiled in eureka “You really hear them, you hear me?” the smile grows.
“Of course, why wouldn’t I, these two beaver-tails aren’t here just for show.” The small animal looked back at the barrel of a gun, and the hunter who had yet to speak spoke warmly “Excellent.”.
The other man rubbed his now glowing face “I can’t believe it.”

The old pillowcase on Rabbit’s back lost its knot, all his humble possessions spilled out. The mechanical mouse and the tin solider started churning in wild circles as they hit the soft ivy.
“You see Ramsey, Godfrey was right after all.” Walton gleamed. “What is this?” With serious admiration he lifted the ticking watch up to his eyes “Ohhh, what is this...”. Behind the small house a moon-full of yellow fabric snapped crisply over the chimney; a weaved-basket balloon steadied itself for departure. Rabbit’s knick-knacks were snatched up before he could blink, all except the Golden Apple. Beginning to reach back, but stopping; watching it soak into rich soil.
“Come now, inside you” The hunters pushed the animal forward with the constant jabbing of frozen steel. Out past the light in thru the pipe smoke filled livingroom was a very nearly dead man who felt a sudden rush of blood flush cold skin. Amazingly, the toy mouse and tin solider scampered successfully behind, just before the door closed with a hard clap.
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