Vesta Picture

Vesta is the god of Creativity. He and his children can create and destroy things at their will. He had gone to the great country of Greenace (green-us) and collected 7 girls to be his lesser gods. There is no real beginning to gods as we all know; but Vesta, the only god in Olympus, had created the universe at his birth, after a millennium, he began to be bored with playing with the animals and created a intelligent race of humans to populate the planet of Wake.
Vesta is kind and forgiving, he never participates in wars, and tries never to start them. Many of his followers call him lazy because they began to become spoiled with his giving’s, after he stopped giving and let them prosper on their own, which is where his game of God began. After another millennium, it was time to level up his world. This is when he created the stars, and moons and gave the planet a star as their new solar source, by this time, he was losing most of the world to war, disputed migrations, starvation, and the people were burning down too much of his faithful trees. So in terms of leveling up, he chose three women, and 14 men to stay in Olympus while he wiped the planet of the remaining humans.
He re-collinate Wake with his chosen people who were pure of heart and free of conflict and greed. The centuries moved on and the planet prospered again. Once more a millennium passed and Vesta was bored again. The planet seemed too perfect and was becoming too populated. So he created another planet and chose 20 women and 35 men to populate the larger planet. These people were normal humans, with needs, greed, jealousy, hate, love, and the ambition to start anew. So while he watched over his new planet he chose a successor to take his place in the other planet. This god was strong, somewhat greedy, and a believer in creating a race of his powerful followers.
This new planet became just what Vesta wanted, it populated fast, prospered and was well organized; wars were a part of human life, so Vesta let them be. After a few more centuries, Vesta was proud of his new planet and decided to give them a reward.
Vesta chose 20 people of his planet and gave them the powers of the elements. Each god and goddess lived with him in Olympus. Life was good for Vesta. One day the gods were at a meeting and it concluded that each wanted their own continent. So the goddess of earth and the god of water separated the planet's ground to ten equal land masses. The gods also decided to have lesser's of their own as well; so each chose gifted humans to help them rule their lands. Vesta was still of course, ruler of them all. His lesser's were allowed to go to any continent. After a few decades, some of the gods created conflict amongst each other, pointing out the goddess of dark against the god of war, the god of power and the goddess of power, and the goddess of fire and the goddess of earth.
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