Characters A to Z Picture

I have a lot of characters. And I do mean a lot. So, since I was bored I decided to do a character alphabet. And so I did.

Read below this point only if you're interested in character blurbs.

A - Abel D'avenues. Abel is a necromancer-in-training but he isn't a bad sort. He usually gets along with everyone, everyone except Elanor. When she wouldn't stop harassing him and his girlfriend, he brought one of her ex-boyfriend's back to life on valentine's day. Since then, they actively antagonize each other.

B - Basil. Watch out, Basil has her SCIENCE face on! Basil enjoys science, but it doesn't ever go very well. Usually there are explosions and monsters involved.

C - Chiel. Chiel helps protect souls on their way to the afterlife to make up for some things she did in the past. There is no actual heaven in their world, only an afterlife, but still.

D - Dante, pictured with Judgment (blond) and Retribution (Black). Dante was supposed to be a protector of his native city, until a curse struck. Now he's unable to do anything as Judgment and Retribution torment the city and those who live there. Still, he tries to remain positive.

E - Elanor Winters is a black widow in training. She goes to the same school as Abel and hates his guts. She also likes making people cookies and sweets laced with arsenic.

F -Fox is a wolf who was turned into a human by accident. So she takes care of other wolves and nature and stuff. I don't remember why she was named Fox, but there you go.

G - Geist Locke is a human-turned-golem that uses other golems to destroy cities on his master's orders. Every golem has a price for using it, so certain mages make a habit of turning other mages into golems to do their bidding, and avoid having to pay the price for using magic. Geist unfortunately fell into the hands of one of those.

H - Hollia is a noble and sort of frienemy with one of my other characters.

I - Ipsa works as a maid for rich clients. If they mistreat her, she steals from them. She is friends with Stella and Alisha.

J - Jaguar Moon, a goddess of cats, the night, and being creepy as fuck. I don't know what she has behind her back, but judging from her face, I'm glad I won't be there to find out.

K - Keesa Ionavich. Keesa was the son of a tsar who managed to get himself cursed and turned into a swan. He's from a re-write project I did, where I wrote twisted versions of popular fairy tales.

L - Leopold. Leopold spends a lot of time in trees. This is because a crazy woman has decided that he is her one true love. Heights, on the other hand, are her one true fear.

M - Maleh has had a pretty hard life and now suffers from both avoidant personality disorder and schizoid personality disorder. He travels with a mercenary company, but spends as little time as possible actually interacting with them.

N - Noonvale is a gypsy wolf who steals nothing but books. She likes to read. Sadly, since she is a gypsy wolf and not a "member-of-polite-society" wolf, she is not allowed to get a library card.

O - O'Doherty is a banshee who works for a mythological carnival. She's the one who calls everyone to get their tickets. The people who go to the carnival are never heard from again.

P - Parker Kacey. She and her partner in crime like to say that they're thieves, but so far they have failed to steal anything of note whatsoever. Those bags are probably full of laundry or stuffed pandas or something. They have the good luck of never getting caught plus the bad luck of being unable to steal anything of value.

Q - Q is the only character I have with a Q name. When I first drew her, she was sitting by a red phone looking anxious. Looks like she finally got her call.

R - Rosen, who is looking very uncomfortable in her least favorite place - a rose garden. Rosen actually hates roses, for various and sundry reasons I won't go into here. She's also on the run, trying to get to a place that will take away a curse she has to bear.

S -Stella. She's an emotionally unavailable and mentally unstable assassin. Even so there are two people who call themselves her friend, Ipsa and Alisha. Stella likes to wear all white and make as big of a mess as possible.

T - Tamesis is a very old and powerful demi-goddess who is constantly hunting for the person who killed her groom on their wedding day.

U - Uiko is a unicorn who lives in the mountains and helps people who get lost or injured. He also raids slave-trading places and gives the people there a safe home. He's a pretty nice guy, but can sometimes come off as being really creepy.

V - Vitus is one of four creatures known only as The Lions. They serve protective functions and rarely interact with others or each other. He's currently missing.

W - Wolfe runs one of two main mafia families in a certain world, which brings him into direct competition with some of my other characters. He's fond of ladies and wearing white.

X - Xi, shown here with her dragon Phy'Rae. A character from a really old RP of mine.

Y - Yali is also one of the four Lions. Like her brother, she is currently MIA.

Z - Zenyx. Zenyx is a physical avatar of the fire goddess and tries her best to be a good person despite having such a destructive power. She's actually dead, but doesn't know it. She was killed accidentally by her goddess, who brought her back to life.

Wow, ok, this was a lot of work. But at least it cured my boredom for a while!
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