[COM] Deputy Arthur Picture

-Basic Information

Name Arthur
Nickname(s) Artty
Gender Male
Age 45 moons
Rank Deputy
Species He is supposed to be a mix of a harpie and a cat. I wasn't sure whether to do just a harpie or no so I mixed a cat and a harpie.
Clan Dragonclan


Mother Vivianne [Birth-mother]
Father Noel and Jason
Grandfather ??? and Joseph
Grandmother Cassandra and Josephine
Sister(s) Nevana and Clover
Brother(s) Joel
Other ???

Mate None
Status Open
Newborn(s) N/A


Orientation Homosexual
Preferences A kind creature who is taller than him and can make him feel loved and cared for.
Looking For A long relationship


Before His birth-mother didn't survive giving birth to him and his siblings. Neither did his brother Joel. Vivianne and Noel both grew together as best friends, but soon took each-other as mates once they both became warrior. Vivianne was always a weak one, getting sick easily and getting hurt easily. Everyone doubted that she would survive giving birth, and they were right. Noel took care of the rest of his newborns by himself.

New-born As a newborn, Arthur was quite adventurous and always explored around the den he was in. That was how he met Joseph. The young new-born was excited to meet a warrior and practically dragged him to play. His sisters, Cassandra and Josephine, both slept while Arthur played with this warrior. Noel found the two playing around tried to scare Jason away, thinking he was trying to hurt his children. Jason and Noel both butted heads and Arthur was the reason why. It was more of a hate relationship at the beginning.

Apprenticeship As an apprentice, Arthur was assigned to a warrior named tobeadded, who taught him how to be one of the best warriors. At this point, Arthur was an arrogant and proud young harpie-cat, he always thought he was the best and hated listening to orders. After an... incident with Jason, Arthur became reclusive and didn't like being with anyone. He fought with his old mentor and argued with him, and even his own father as well. He became more aggressive and even verbally abused his sisters. He knew what he was doing wasn't right, but his feelings controlled him and he forgot to think things through.

Warriorship W.I.P

Current As the deputy, Arthur has learned from his past mistakes and has become more calm and made sure to try to be kind and nice. He always felt the doubt and self-hatred in the back of his head, blaming himself every-time someone in the clan got hurt or was killed or even missing. His time as both and apprentice and starting out as a warrior was always in his mind and he would make sure to never forget what he did.


Make sure to balance them out.No Mary or Gary Sues.

Positive Traits
Considerate, Calm, Gentle, Honest

Neutral Traits
Obedient, Independent, Quiet

Negative Traits
Can be Rash, Stubborn, Sarcastic


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