Feathers seem to span eternity Picture

A character I created not to long ago. Her name is Elodie. She is a demon, but contrary to popular belief, in my imaginary world demons are not evil.

Elodie's work consists of reaping the souls of humans who are condemned to hell. She was once a human, who lived in Wales during the 5 century B.C., in the Vale of Glamorgan. Her family and tribe were pagan and worshipped a goddess who represented the Moon. When she was 12, her and her brother were murdered by Romans, who had been on a misson "to destroy the heathen faiths of the newly conquested lands".

Before she died, a demon spirit came to her and offered her immortality. In exchange, she would have to reap the souls of the damnned until the end of time. Along with her brother (who gave his soul to stay beside his sister) she became a reaper and lives in an alternate dimension, somewhat like purgatory where souls not judged reside. She owns a theater with her brother and is waiting the return of Amon to bring about the end of the world.

Her real name was Eldywll but changed it to Elodie. Her brother's name was Edylluch but changed it to Edrani.

And I think thats it...
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