Joy and Joan Gozar Picture

The main protagonist and main supporting character of my novella JOY (available on Inkitt)
* * *

"They started their trek into the forest. It was a first quarter moon that night, and it gave the trees twisting shadows. They made Joy think of black ghosts and Sigbins. Maybe a Sigbin was following them through the shadows at that very moment. She didn’t want to think about that. She started thinking about the festival. The games and the foods and seeing the fireflies dance around to the performers’ songs. Seeing the fireflies was one of her favorite things about the festival.

Joan and Dina were chatting amongst themselves quietly, probably to not attract any attention from anyone who might be nearby. That was smart. It was getting pretty dark now, and a lot of people in town said it wasn’t safe to be in the woods at night. Despite this, some children still explored the area; they didn’t believe in these 'superstitions' like Joy did.

She looked up at the night sky. She liked to stargaze some nights, when there were no clouds. She’d go out to the hammock they had in the backyard and just look up at the sky. It was very beautiful."

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