Hut-Heru Picture

Hut-Heru (Hathor in Greek) was the Egyptian goddess of beauty, mining, delights, music, dance, motherhood, childbirth, feminine love, protection, the earth, the west, the waters, the heavens, sex, cattle, pregnant women, the dead, joy, fertility, royalty, the pharaohs, queens, milk, nature, foreign lands, and the rainbow.

Some say she was born of the tears Ra (god of the sun) shed for his late children, Tefnut (goddess of rain) and Shu (god of the air). Others said she was born of the union between Khnum (god of creation) and Nit (goddess of wisdom) making her Ra's sister.

She later wed Ra as Mut, and became the Queen of Heaven. However, Hut-Heru later divorced Ra and took Heru Sa-Aset (god of the sky) as her husband and became Mistress of the West and Protectress of the Dead.

With Ra, she mothered Maat (goddess of cosmic balance), Khonsu (god of the moon), and Hapu (god of strength); and with Heru she mothered Ihy (god of music), Bes (god of wine), and Sekhmet (goddess of war).
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